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In the last year we have been confronted with raging forest fires around the world, we have drawn into an increasing awareness of global climate change, seen wild fluctuations in the worlds money markets, watched economies collapsing, wrestled with the implications of a global pandemic and more recently challenged by the evil of racism.  In a world that is seeing ever increasing change and as we lurch from crisis to another, this series UNCHANGEABLE looks at the I AM statements of Jesus and how they reveal God’s unchanging nature and character to us and what they mean for us today.

Today Mark is wrapping up the Unchangeable Series with a message called Manna. We will also be Braking Bread today so do come with your Bread and Wine to celebrate and remember together.

Jesus tells His that “He is the Good Shepherd,’ as well as saying that “He is the Gate.” If Jesus is the shepherd then as His followers, it must mean that we are the sheep! In this message Mark unpacks what that might mean for us.

Mark will also be picking up on the Unchangeable series and looking at another of the I AM sayings of Jesus. Today he will be looking at Jesus’ statement ‘I am the Light’ in a message called Light and Life.

There probably isn’t a more relevant conversation for our culture today than the one that considers what these statements mean in the midst of the confusion and complexity of this season. Today we look at what it means to be connected to the One who tells us He is The Vine.

Today Mark is speaking on the Nature of God, as he starts a new series called Unchangeable. He will be looking at the ‘I AM’ statements of Jesus and how they reveal God’s nature and character to us.

Encounter Church Winchcombe

We are in a series called ‘Gifted’ at the moment, where we are remembering how God poured out His Holy Spirit on the church 2000 years ago. We are also looking at what it might mean for us today, to be filled with His Presence and gifted with the power that He gives to us.

Thank you for joining us as we celebrate Pentecost Sunday together. Pentecost is a special Sunday in the life of the church. It is the time when we remember the outpouring of God’s presence and power upon His people.

Today we are kicking off a new series called ‘Gifted.’ We will also be reminding ourselves, that the church is not a building or a worship service, but the Spirit-filled people of God on a mission to love and serve those that are around us.

Encounter Church Winchcombe

Mark is wrapping us the Seeking God’s Face series today, as he looks at what it means to bring our battered and shattered lives to the empathy, healing and love of Jesus, in a message called #ME TOO.

 Google searches have increased around topics on God and Prayer.  There are 25% of the UK population is watching online church services during the lockdown. All of this indicates a renewed interest in spirituality and a desire to experience something outside of ourselves.

Today we continue in our series Seeking God’s Face and we are looking specifically at the area of God’s Will and Choice and what it means to be in the centre of God’s will.

Today in our Sunday Celebration we will be worshipping, praying, as well as updating you with news and encouragements. There is a big announcement about next Sunday coming up as well. Mark will be continuing in our series Seeking God’s Face and looking at what it means to ‘Fashioned for Faith.’

Today we are returning to our ‘Seeking God’s Face series as Karen speaks about what God ‘puts in our hands.’ She reminds us that Jesus loves to celebrate and identify who it is we really are, as well as drawing out the unique gifting that each of His followers has. Exploring John chapter 6 and Hebrews chapter 13 she looks at what it means to be a people of praise, who share life together and seek to reflect Him in our lives.

When all our activities and programmes are suspended and we are all in lock-down what happens to our mission and vision. Does that go on hold too or can we still be united in sharing God’s love with our community – even if it means doing it differently.

Mark kicks off our new series and encourages us to Trust More when fear seems overwhelming and reminds us of some of the saints that probably had fear as well but because they trusted God went on to change the world!

Encounter Church Winchcombe

Welcome to Sunday Online here at Encounter, for what is a very special Sunday in the life of the church. Thank you for joining us!

Whether you’re a regular here at Encounter or here for the first time, we pray that this will be a transformational experience for all of us, as we ‘press in’ together and hear what it is that we believe God is calling us into, as we seek to follow the way of Jesus, here in the heart of The Cotswolds.

Today is our Vision Sunday and Gift Day. We are exploring how God frames our lives and frames our vision. We will be discovering  what it means to be a people who are radically devoted to Jesus, irrevocably committed to one another and relentlessly dedicated to reaching those who don’t yet know Jesus. We will be looking at what it means to be a local church with a global outlook as well as responding to the call to grow, give and send.

Encounter Church Winchcombe

2000 years ago, Jesus of Nazareth was nailed to a cross on a Friday. He was put in a grave, right before the Sabbath. Then a couple of days later, on a Sunday morning, something happened, something was different!

When those who went to the tomb early on that morning, they found that the stone was rolled away and the tomb was empty!

The first Easter Sunday is the day that changed everything. Encounter Church invites you to come as you are to hear about the death and resurrection of Jesus – an event that still has the power to change our lives today.

From the cross, Jesus uttered his final words, “It is finished.” And in these three words humanity can find love that is unfailing and hope that cannot be defeated.

Regardless of where you are on your faith journey, we’d love for you to join us for our Good Friday reflection.

This Good Friday act of worship is a time of remembrance and reflection on Jesus’ crucifixion and death. It is a time of prayer, reflection, and meditation of the sacrifice of Jesus.

Mark shares about the amazing miracle of Jesus and his love for us and encourages us to never take the gift that Jesus gave for granted but to realise how much he paid to open a way to the Father.

Because of the sacrifice of Jesus, we have an open invitation to step into the presence of God without reserve as the penalty has been paid for our sins.

Jesus’ coming changed the face of history and our lives forever.

Encounter Church Winchcombe

Interruptions looks at how we are hardwired to connect with God and with other people in relationship. It explores how we live with the tension of wanting ‘life-giving’ relationships and meaningful interactions with God and others, as long as we are able to do it on our terms.

Mark explores the scriptures and picks up on the rhythms of Jesus and His ministry and how we should strive to listen for those rhythms.

Being anchored and firm in our faith in Him is the best place we can be as we should live by faith and the will of God.

Mark continues our series by highlighting that God affirmed Jesus before the start of his ministry and likewise God affirms us and is for us because he is interested in our lives and loves us

Etel follows up on Mark’s talk from last week and explores the teachings of Jesus and the work of Jesus in opening the lines to God and that they are always open. Jesus is the way to God and if you see Jesus, you will see God.

Opening this new series Mark explores how when God wants to do something in and through us it often comes disguised as an interruption.
Encounter Church Winchcombe

In Life, there is often so much talk about ‘what we should do.’ For most of us, life seems to be increasingly full and we get caught up more and more in hurry. It’s a hurry that is rampant in our culture. For all of us there are also arenas we need to embrace and step into, areas where we need to grow. Of course, we cannot embrace the new unless we are able to let go of ‘the old’ and anything that might hinder our growth. This series Burning Bridges explores what we say ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to as we step into 2020

God is aware of where we all are and he is aware of our past and able to redeem it. God is faithful to complete what he begun in us. God is able to keep us but we need to trust and deal with our past.
Mark shares about how God chose to use people that were not READY bye their own standards but chose to use them regardless as He is the one that qualifies and provides us with all we need to say and encourages us to GO!
Whilst none of us know exactly what the future holds, we can know HOW to face the future. This message explores four key areas which we can resolve to embrace as we venture forward.

Be encouraged and keep your eyes on the Lord because that is where your value comes from and not in comparing ourselves to another but instead celebrating others instead of comparing themselves to us.

Making changes to our life is something we often try to do at the start of the year but how long do they last?  Maybe the most important change is to rethink how we see our past, our life and ourselves, letting God change the way think about these things so that we can be free to really be ourselves.

By looking at the lives of Caleb and Joshua this message opens up how we empty our routines of things that don’t matter to fill them with what does.

An invitation to Advent - BEHOLD Mini-Series

This series is an encouragement to stop in the craziness of the Christmas season and celebrate Advent. A series that calls us to pause, consider and think, to stop being distracted, and to stand in awe and be amazed.

Mark shares about the goodness of God and beholding his goodness in the way that He gave his only Son out of love for us….

Mark shares about the goodness of God and beholding his goodness in the way that He gave his only Son out of love for us….

Continuing on in the Behold series we are encouraged to magnify God for who He is and all He does. Repeatedly the Psalms call us to re-focus our thoughts on the Creator and allow ourselves to be utterly distracted by his magnificence.

A reminder that God call us to ‘Fear Not.’ Fear disappears as we learn to ‘slow down’ and ‘be still’ in His presence.

This is US Series

This series explores our DNA here at Encounter, our culture and purpose. ‘Anything is Possible’ is a phrase that we use on a regular basis at Encounter, it’s a phrase that Jesus uses and a way He wants us to see the world. We believe that God is limitless in His love, that He is always working, that He is limitless in His power and that He calls us to reflect Him as we seek His kingdom.  In essence …. this is what makes us US!

Our guest speaker, Gareth Dickinson, closes our THIS IS US series with the topic of following the Father as Jesus so often did and encouraged us to love the Lord God with all that is with in us and our local community, which is the greatest commandment that the Lord left us.

Mark explores the final talk in our THIS IS US series and talks about how we were designed to Know God and have a relationship with Him. Even in the messiness of our everyday lives He is relentless in His pursuit of us.

Mark speaks about the faith of two women, the woman with the issue of blood and Jairus daughter and how faith brought about God’s favour and the miraculous in both lives and if we today trust in God that way, we too will encounter the miraculous.

Reflection the heart of God helps us to see individuals through the eyes of Jesus and in turn encourages us to love them as Jesus does.

Continuing the theme of the miraculous we recognise that Jesus performed many miracles during His ministry, but He performed one for all of us that is the greatest of all.

The Bible is full of miraculous stories, but we can easily limit them to the past not the present. What does it mean to live as naturally supernatural followers of Jesus?

Culture Shift Series

In Culture Shift we are exploring some of our values here at Encounter. Values like humility, freedom, risk taking and authenticity. What are values? In general, our values are the things that we believe are important for the way we do life. In the Kingdom there are different values to the values of the day. Of course, most of us know these values but we know we need to re-empathise them from time to time. This is important because what we value will dictate the choices that we make in life, both individually and corporately as a church.

The very last of our talks in our CULTURE SHIFT series is surrender, which we all know is easier said than done. When it comes to trusting the God that made the very essence of who you are and loves you passionately, it becomes easier to surrender ourselves to someone who loves us more than words could ever express.

Mark challenges us all to BE REAL and allow God to shape us through our honesty and the fact that we do not need to hold it all together but being vulnerable before God and trusting Him to complete the work that He started in us.

Paul explores what we are responsible responsible for and what brings us freedom.

Fernley shares around living on the edge and being called to a life of risk by God that may require us to step out in faith and do the impossible.

Mark kicks off our new series Culture Shift as he explores the social shift Jesus brought in emphasising the place of humility over recognition and position.

Better & Best Series

Whether it’s in our relationships, our jobs, or our spiritual journeys, very few of us would aim for mediocrity. It doesn’treally matter how good or bad things are for us all, if “better” is an option, most of us would choose it every time. So often the challenge for us is that we don’t always know how to get there and we are pulled in so many different directions by the complexities of life.

Here at Encounter we understand that our time is limited and that there are many challenges in life. We also want to see our community and this region thrive. We know that happens when people like us, who are experiencing the better and bestlife that God has to offer, take the transformation the He brings to us and the live out the fulness of life that we experience in the different environments that God positions us in.

Cafe Church - The Power Of....

Movement Series

The early believer gathered together waiting for the promised gift of the Holy Spirit. As the Holy Spirit was poured out the church was birthed. The church was birthed to proclaim and demonstrate the good news Jesus and His Kingdom.

Here at Encounter we are reminding ourselves that we are created to be a part of this movement called the church. That we were never meant to get stuck and find ourselves living static unchanging lives. Rather, that we are to grow and move forwards in our relationships, our work, our faith and in every area of life. That we would move towards what we were truly made for.

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