As a Pastor you often hear the words … “I want to believe, but!”

Along with the rest of us, Pastor and author Craig Groeschel wrestles with what it means, to really want to trust God, to know him, feel his presence and to pray with the knowledge that he actually hears us.

Deep down, we all hope that God is more than just some kind of made-up, cosmic figure that gullible people trust. Maybe God exists, maybe he’s sovereign, but does he care? Sometimes it is nearly impossible to reconcile the pain of our circumstances with the image of an all-loving, all-powerful God.

I Want to Believe explores this poignant contradiction with gentle honesty, biblical truths, and deeply personal stories of people who have both embraced and wrestled with the questions.

This book is perfect for going through hard times. He doesn’t offer a bunch of pat answers but this book is filled with the reality of how to handle and respond to the difficult times we all face in life.


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Sunday at 10 am

Encounter meets every Sunday in Winchcombe for celebrations that start at 10:00 am and that last about 90 minutes. They are informal, welcoming and involve a mix of spirit-filled worship, relevant and real Bible teaching, communion and prayer ministry.

Encounter Kids will take place during the talk allowing the kids to have their own input with creative crafts and stories whilst the parents have quality time to focus on the talk.

Encounter Trust Winchcombe is a UK registered charity no. 1157308

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