Many of you may have read books by the author Brennan Manning. His most famous book is ‘The Ragamuffin Gospel.’ It is deeply touching and inspiring. The Furious Longing of God is another contribution from the same author. It’s a beautifully written little book. In many ways, it’s a poetic look into the heart of God. I love the fact that Manning is not interested in the “domesticated, feel-good Jesus of TV evangelism, who is committed to our financial prosperity!” What he does is he introduces us to the Christ of John’s gospel, who has made his home in us, “who invites us to walk with him daily in humble service, even unto death”. This is an extraordinary exploration where Manning looks deeply into prayer, healing and our union with the God whose furious longing will only be quenched by our being consumed in the fire of his love.

I love this book, and it has really helped me over the years. If truth be known, the times aren’t so good in the world right now. There is an uneasiness that is all over the globe. This book has inspired me, that God does indeed love us, and that we can let go and let God reign. It’s not a religious or philosophical book; it won’t teach you any great doctrine – if that’s what you seek, seek elsewhere. But if you just want to feel lifted up and loved, get this book. It is a strong reminder that God is not out there ‘to get you’; and that what he wants is a relationship with us, and he loves us very much. For me this is a 10/10 book!


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Sunday at 10 am

Encounter meets every Sunday in Winchcombe for celebrations that start at 10:00 am and that last about 90 minutes. They are informal, welcoming and involve a mix of spirit-filled worship, relevant and real Bible teaching, communion and prayer ministry.

Encounter Kids will take place during the talk allowing the kids to have their own input with creative crafts and stories whilst the parents have quality time to focus on the talk.

Encounter Trust Winchcombe is a UK registered charity no. 1157308

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